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Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fourth of July Fireworks: A Holistic Approach

The Fourth of July is a time of celebration, but for many dogs, the loud noises and bright lights can be a source of significant stress and anxiety. At Constellation Canine Dog Training & Education, we believe in a holistic and relationship-based approach to keeping your pet calm and safe during fireworks. Here are some tips to help your dog have a more peaceful Independence Day:

1. Update Identification

Before the festivities begin, ensure your dog’s collar and microchip information are up to date. This precaution is crucial in case your dog manages to escape amid the commotion.

2. Secure Your Home

Make sure all windows, gates, and doors are closed and securely locked. This helps prevent your dog from running away if they get scared. Create a safe and comfortable space indoors where your dog feels secure.

3. Calming Music

Playing calming music can help drown out the noise of fireworks. Classical Music for Pets is an excellent choice to help soothe your dog’s nerves.

4. Essential Oils

Diffusing one or two drops of pet-safe essential oils in a water-based diffuser like Clary Sage or Vetiver can foster a sense of calm. Ensure your dog has the freedom to leave the room if they desire, as some dogs may find the scent overwhelming. Oils must be Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade; we recommend either Plant Therapy or DoTerra brands.

5. Chew Treats and Toys

Providing something for your dog to chew on can be a great distraction and stress reliever. Consider giving them:

- A raw meaty bone

- A RedBarn Beef Cheek Roll

- A stuffed WestPaw Topl filled with frozen goodies

- A lickmat under supervision

Chewing can help reduce anxiety and keep your dog occupied during the fireworks.

6. Daytime Activities

Work your dog during the day to tire them out. Engage in training sessions and brain-stimulating activities. A tired dog is more likely to be relaxed in the evening.

7. Stay Home or Use Secure Boarding

Do not bring your dog to fireworks shows. The loud noises and crowds can be overwhelming and potentially dangerous. Leave them at home in a secure environment or consider a trusted boarding facility.

8. Leashed Potty-Breaks Do not let your pet outside for potty breaks unsupervised or off-leash! Since most dogs escape from their yards during fireworks, taking them outside on leash ensures that you maintain positive control over them and the situation.

9. Calming Treats

Calming treats like Nootie ProGility Calming Treats can help ease your dog’s anxiety. Additionally, you can give your dog 1 cup of cooled organic Chamomile Tea with their meals to promote relaxation.

10. Create a Safe Space

Designate a quiet room in your home where your dog can retreat. Make it cozy with their favorite bed, toys, and blankets. Consider using a crate if your dog finds it comforting. For dogs that are anxious in crates, we recommend Impact Crates, RuffLand Kennels, Gunner Kennels, or similar type crates.

11. Stay Calm

Your dog can pick up on your emotions. Try to stay calm and relaxed, and engage with your dog in a soothing manner, without reinforcing their fear. If they are afraid, do not pet them or tell them that "It's okay" because that tells them their behavior is justified. Instead, reward calm behavior and acknowledge and pet your dog when they are calm, not whining, and not frantic.


By preparing ahead and using these holistic strategies, you can help your dog stay calm and safe during the Fourth of July fireworks. Advocate for your pet’s well-being by creating a secure and comforting environment. With these tips, you and your dog can enjoy a more peaceful holiday.

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Constellation Canine Dog Training & Education!

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