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At Constellation Canine Dog Training & Education, we take pride in introducing you to the heart and soul of our training family – Brittany Dunbeck.  As our devoted head trainer, Brittany brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for Holistic Dog Training.  She will be your trusted Training Coach, guiding you and your cherished canine companion through an enriching and empowering Holistic Training Journey.

Brittany's commitment to fair and minimally aversive methods, combined with her profound understanding of each dog's unique personality, ensures a customized approach to your dog's education.  With her warm, patient, and caring demeanor, Brittany becomes more than just a trainer; she becomes a partner in your quest for a well-rounded and rewarding relationship with your dog.

Throughout your Holistic Training Journey, Brittany will provide expert guidance, share invaluable insights, and celebrate every small victory and milestone you and your dog achieve together.  With Brittany as your Training Coach, you can trust that your furry friend is in caring and capable hands, making the journey to a harmonious and joyful relationship all the more worthwhile.

Founded in 2020, Constellation Canine Dog Training & Education has helped hundreds of dogs and dog owners with many different issues and backgrounds.  From Basic Obedience, Puppy School, and Socialization, to Leash Skills, Dog Reactivity, and more, Brittany has guided dogs and their owners on a journey of transformation and growth. Her expertise and dedication have not only improved obedience and behavior but have also nurtured the unique bond between dogs and their human companions, making Constellation Canine a beacon of positive change in the world of dog training.

About Us
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Brittany doesn't just train dogs, though.  She has a love for all animals and has worked with many different species, carrying an unwavering commitment to the well-being of creatures great and small. Her passion extends far beyond our canine companions, as evidenced by her rich experience with a diverse array of animals.   From the majestic elegance of horses to the gentle but sometimes stubborn nature of cows, the cleverness of rats, the independence of cats, and the hoppy charm of rabbits, Brittany has seamlessly applied her training expertise to create harmonious connections with these wonderful creatures and more.

Brittany's holistic philosophy transcends traditional dog training, embracing the unique qualities of each animal she encounters.  Whether guiding a horse through trust-building exercises or fostering positive behaviors in a group of sheep, her approach focuses on using the least force necessary, teaching alternative behaviors, and rewarding positive actions.  This philosophy is seamlessly woven into her interactions with every species she works with, creating a bond built on respect, understanding, and the holistic well-being of the entire animal.

Before diving into dog training, she spent two years living at a prominent horse rescue, working with neglected, abused, and unwanted horses.  Her compassionate touch mended physical and emotional wounds, laying the foundation for her commitment to holistic animal care.  Venturing into farm life, she cared for goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, quail, pigs, rabbits, and cows, showcasing her nuanced understanding of diverse species.

From the rolling hills of the horse rescue to the rhythms of farm life, Brittany's journey has always been intertwined with animals. Her childhood fascination with creatures foreshadowed her role as a holistic dog trainer, where her commitment to animal care and well-being creates a harmonious bridge between the various species she has nurtured and guided throughout her remarkable journey.  She began dog training as a hobby with family dogs as she grew, and then expanded to friends' dogs alongside her own personal dogs.  Her respect, understanding, and holistic perspective form the foundation of truly enriching experiences for all involved.

Brittany currently lives on a ranch in Nevada with her husband and their menagerie of animals.  Together they have four dogs, a cat, ten rabbits, ten chickens, five ducks, a goose, a horse, and two cows.  Brittany is a lover of all things outdoors, houseplants, and gardening.  She believes in sustainable agriculture and hopes to use what she's learned to help others grow their passions.


The inspiration for the holistic approach was drawn from experiences with Brittany's Australian Shepherd, Poe. Diagnosed with kidney disease at the age of two, Poe's struggles and eventual passing at four years old were significant catalysts for change.  The loss of Poe spurred Brittany to investigate alternative care methods, specifically in diet and holistic practices, with the intention of sparing other pet parents the pain experienced with Poe.

Simultaneously, Brittany has navigated personal health challenges of her own—dealing with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Dysautonomia, and other issues.  Disenchanted with the limitations of conventional healthcare, she sought relief through holistic methods.  Brittany discovered a harmonious synergy between modern medicine and holistic practices that significantly improved her quality of life.

This personal journey fueled Brittany's passion for holistic dog training—a methodology that integrates both physical and emotional well-being, homeopathic remedies, naturopathic approaches, aromatherapy, and canine massage.

Prospective clients are invited to join Constellation Canine, where each dog is recognized as an individual, and the training methods reflect a commitment to their overall well-being. Together with Brittany, you can embark on a journey toward a balanced and harmonious relationship with your dog unlike any other.

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Meet Your Coach

Guiding You Along Your Training Journey

The day you stop learning is the day that you die, and our approach here is no different.  Whether it's attending seminars, conferences, workshops, mentoring with other Trainers, attending webinars, or reading books, we're always looking to improve and gain knowledge and experience. 

  • Associate Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals since 2020

  • Dog Trainer Foundations Certified through the International Association of Canine Professionals in 2020

  • Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech® in 2021

  • Herm Sprenger Prong Collar Knowledge Assessed through Herm Sprenger in 2022

  • Cynopraxis and LIMA Principles Certified through the International Association of Canine Professionals in 2023

Brittany is currently working through these certifications and courses.

  • Feed Real Institute Professional Canine Nutrition Certification

  • BHARCS Canine Essential 101 Behavior & Ethology

  • Canine Energetics through Canine Herbalism with Rita Hogan

  • Supporting our Older Animals with Essential Oils through Animal Scents University

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