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Private Training

Private Lessons consist of one-on-one training either in your home, at our facility (coming soon), or online.  Lessons are one hour long.  Homework is given at the end of each lesson to be worked on over the next week, to ensure progress is being made.

Client Evaluations

A way to see where you and your dog are at, what needs to be worked on, and to set up your goals and expectations for the programs to pave the way to stellar success for you and your dog.

This is a requirement for all dogs entering our training programs.

Evaluations are included in all package purchases.

45 minute session; offered both in-person or online.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are great for dogs that need refreshers on basic obedience, confidence boosting, or for dogs that are reactive or fearful.  Private Lessons also help set your dog up for success for future participation in Group Classes.

Private Lessons are also great for dog owners that have busy schedules, childcare commitments, or people wanting to Social Distance due to Covid-19.

Lessons are one hour long and include homework between lessons.

Packages Offered:  4 Lessons

What's Included:
-  4 Private In-Home Lessons

-  2 Fifteen Minute Phone Coaching Sessions

-  Training Materials & Gear
-  Unlimited Email Support for the duration of your package


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