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Training Programs

Virtual Programs
Our Virtual Programs are

Our Stellar Canine Program is a progressive program that begins with Basic Obedience for adult dogs.  Dogs that successfully complete our Stellar Canine I Program after 8 weeks can move onto more advanced and focused coursework seen in Stellar Canine II and III.

This program is great for rescues, dogs that need refreshers in obedience, leash skills, socialization skills, confidence building, and is a great way to bond with your dog.

What's Included:

  • Access to Clients Only Facebook Group - unlimited online support for 12 months, then switch to monthly membership for continued access

  • Unlimited email support for 12 months

  • In-person use of obstacles and socialization with other dogs and environments

  • Training equipment included for in-person clients

  • Free Stellar Canine Meetup Days/Pack Walks for in-person clients

Payment Plans Available
*Online Class Available*


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